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Chase by Cameil
Merry Christmas Ferr Bebeh <3

And I hope all of you are having a wonderful winter xD

Ferrus -> InfiniteLoup
Kagoly + art are mine
Oh hey thar by Cameil
Oh hey thar
I regret nothing.

Kagoly and Art are mine.
Advice and Critique please <3
Mother Winter by Cameil
Mother Winter
Nadine Cho.
Grand Frost Magician
White Queen of the North West
Mother of Three.

Nan is the strongest of my magic group in terms of raw magic power. She was born to the Nothing, but later switched to the Aggregation after the death of her second child.  She become a predominant human rights activist, with a focus on mother and child health. She owns the University that acts as the non-magic cover for her Court, as well as Dorian's.

Tried out a new style. I love the hair, not sure about the rest. She is supposed to look distinctly east Asian, but my own art skills are sorta limiting her appearance. I'm working on it though xD Advice is always welcome!

<da:thumb id="426963902"><da:thumb id="423931236">
Wren (level 5) by Cameil
Wren (level 5)
SOOOO three levels and cave bear mauling later, the party somehow convinced the king's guard it would be a good idea to give a bunch of over zealous 'travelers' a bunch of horses, food and the quest to find a bunch of mythic shinnies. Hence how I now have a pretty pony! Her name is Kestrel and I don't care what the DM says I'm not giving her back.

Wren is also mildly less sexist then before, but still just as racist, self centered and violent. If anything, she may be a little more violent.
Also due to their uhhh... hunting expeditions.... her Godess is very happy with her :D
She also turns into both a Lion and a Snake now.

Also. We now have a lawful good paladin in our party. Things aren't working out so well for him...
But hey. I think we only tried to eat him once. And that was after he freed our slave.

<da:thumb id="457252881">
Nuptial Plumage by Cameil
Nuptial Plumage
I don't have any snarky comments about this one.
but dude i don't think she will be impressed with your nuptial plumage

umm what?
Anyway. This is Calam, Arkell's oldest boy. He's a transformation magician like his mamma.
And he may or may not have added T-rex to is skill set to impress a girl.

because who doesn't want a t-rex for a boyfriend?
I just have this mental image stuck in my head, where all my not so nice characters are sitting around a table in the dominion of evil, but instead of swapping murder advice or plotting world domination like the good guys think they would be, they are talking about their babies and such.

It would be like... A room full of murderous villains being like...

Oh gosh, This morning Gracie decided she doesn't want to be a fairy princess anymore! She wants to live in a ginger bread fortress and slay broccoli dragons *so proud*

Aaron: And I swear my little Gabriel has such a crush on your little Matthieu, they have been so sweet! He wants to learn how to bake cakes now to!

Andre':  Oh I Know! Those boys will be such trouble when they get older! And with Zachary just learning how to talk! He is so sweet and shy! But more importantly! Is it true that Jace is getting married?

Dorian: OMFG YES AND I"M GETTING GRAND BABBIES! (But you know, with his pompous vocab and such).

Aaron & Andre': *Fit of jealousy*


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Weasel Queen
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"You don't have a freakish nature at all, it's a good nature, you're a very good person, trust me, people like being controlled, and Y.O.U provide control.

You'd be a good dictator"


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